10 Celebrity Photos Recreated By Fans That Almost Look Better Than The Original

Selfies have become the order of the world we now live in, as it is, it’s common among both men and women that try to update these selfies on their social media pages, either to keep their followers informed about what is being happening around them or to show off their newly acquired property.

This is also very common among celebrities, since celebrities selfies have a power to generate comments and likes online, the comments given by followers will determine how spectacular such selfie is. Most of this celebrities go a great length and even put in so much effort in making this selfies look better than the last one they posted. They try as much as possible to make these selfies worthy of social media likes.

It has turned out that these selfies or pictures taken by these celebrities are not as difficult to create as it seems and can even be improved on. Knowing these many of these celebrities die hard fans have in the past tried so hard to regenerate most of their idols look in the photos. Lets check out some of the popular photos of celebrities that have trended on social media and created by the fans below.

10 Celebrity Photos Recreated By Fans That Almost Look Better Than The Original

#1 The celebrity that dreams vs the female fan that eats

1 11

#2 Top model Bella Hadid’s sexy lingerie photo recreated by chubby woman

2 9

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