10 Epic Celebrity Photobombs!

Celebrities are always being photographed even when they don’t want to be because it’s just a part of their being famous. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there, when you take the moment to strike a cute pose for that perfect photograph, then suddenly someone comes along and ruins it for you.

While photobombing is an art, a classic celebrity photobomb that’s an uncommon gift can be so hilariously priceless, either when the celebrities are being photobombed or actually doing the photobombing.

Today we present to you photos of celebrity photobombs that are epic but at the same time amazing, some of these celebrities were even more than willing to jump into their fans photos, which usually comes as a little bit of shock seeing them acting like a clown.

#1 Jared Leto photobombing Anne Hathaway at the Oscars

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#2 Justin Bieber photobombing Katy Perry and Russell Brand

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