10 Heartbreaking Photos Taken Before Death!

I say this all the time and i will say it again Life is too short and fragile, one moment a person is happy taking a lovely selfie and the next minute the person is gone. Truth be told, we must bear it at the back of our minds all the time that whether we like it or not we are all potentially seconds away from death or tragedy.

Death is an inevitable part of human life because morbid curiosity is just human nature, it’s in fact the only sure thing in life for everyone. And while that may be the case, when death strikes with his sword, someone somewhere is inevitably going to feel hurt.

Though the greater self always aim to ease the pain to augment the happiness of others here during the realities of everyday life, the driving, essential awakening of the greater self tends to help each person experience both life and death with equal fate. While life after death has also been confirmed by researchers who have discovered that a state of consciousness still continues even after death.

Today we will be taking a look at some of the heartbreaking photos that show the very last moments some people had just before the tragedy that led to their untimely death struck within few minutes of taking the pictures.

10 Heartbreaking Photos Taken Before Death!

#1 Gabriela Hernandez shared this photo on Facebook before committing suicide in 2013

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#2 Selfie taken before the Malaysia Airlines flight took off and was never see again

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