10 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Stealing All The Attention At Weddings

Kids at most weddings ceremony usually entertain us with some very good and hilarious photos at the end of the wedding, simply because they don’t really care about what’s polite or not, what’s good or bad, but usually tend to express what they feel all the time.

The are in fact the best guests at any wedding ceremony because they simply just don’t care less about what’s polite unlike many of us adults that also feel that way but can’t just show it, like kids that will let you know exactly how they feel. They don’t care because they don’t even know what love is, they simply have no idea what it is, hence their reason for thinking and kissing at wedding between the new couple is gross.

As you will see from these funny wedding pictures of some kids we have compiled for your viewing pleasure, you will precisely see the reason why photos of kids at weddings are the best and why they are way more funny than normal funny wedding photos of us adults.

10 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Stealing All The Attention At Weddings…

#1 They’re kissing again, this is so gross!

1 107

#2 Watch me show you the real way to walk her down the aisle

2 71

#3 I feel like…

3 58

#4 What are your staring at?

4 55

#5 Say hi to Micky Mouse over here

5 54

#6 Check me out not the groom

6 57

#7 Leave me alone let me cry cos i just wanna go home

7 56

#8 I just love this floor

8 53

#9 The bride aint cute like me

9 55

#10 Tired much, what a day!

10 54

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