10 Hilarious Photos Of People That Took Instructions Too Serious

In case you don’t know having a good sense of humor helps to reduce stress, cope with pain, create empathy in social situations and even helps to improve ones chances of finding a mate.

While some people are able to experience humor by easily being amused, smile or laugh at something funny, some very hypothetical people who lack sense of humor would likely find the behavior inducing, inexplicable or strange because they feel they do not have the same sense of humor as others and are sensitive to jokes because they are not even sure of how to respond to it. Hence they end up taking jokes too seriously because they are caught in a negative head space or too wrapped up in too many issues.

People of all ages and cultures respond to humor in different ways and today we will be looking at some funny photos of people with sense of humor, people who don’t take life to serious that took simple instructions very serious.

10 Hilarious Photos Of People That Took Instructions Too Serious…

#1 When you strictly follow the warning alert

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#2 When your teacher ask you to bring a fish to school

2 76

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