10 Most Shocking Photos Casually Taken In Front Of Devastating Disasters

On a norm witnessing a disaster is suppose to fill us as human with feelings of deep sympathy, fear, and uneasiness that is a very natural response to have but in the world that we live in today, reverse is the case.

People don’t seem to care anymore that in the event that they react to someone else’s calamity in a way that shows their total lack of concern, they would mostly likely be called evil or perceived as heartless, insensitive and wicked person in these modern age of social media where some people are so desperate for attention online that they will go as far has taken photos in the midst of a disaster that could be an accident or fire incident just to  prove to their followers that they were indeed there when it occurred.

We have seen some people taking pictures in the midst of fatal accident instead of saving the accident victims that are dying, which is the right thing to do before this age of social media craze that people are seeking to upload perfect snaps on their different social media pages, notwithstanding how ethically flawed it may be.

Let’s take a look at some of the most shocking photos casually taking in front of devastating disasters below…

#1 This woman just had to strike a pose laughing like nothing is happening

1 19

#2 Seeking for the perfect beach snap

2 16

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