10 Photos Of People Caught Doing Weird And Nasty Things In The Public!

Nasty seem to be the trending thing in most part of the world today. On a daily basis, different people get caught doing nasty and weird things both in public and private places, they just don’t seem to care or bother about other people’s opinion or criticism as long as they are comfortable with the act.

The following complication shows pictures of people caught doing naughty and weird stuff in the public from eating a whole turkey in a subway to sleeping in train and scratching in public.

Even though some of these photos are kind of hilarious, i guess one is not supposed to be caught like this in a public place and even in privacy to some extent.

Checkout these compilation photos of people caught doing naughty and some of the indecent things in the public. These people just don’t care that they are in the public and all eyes are on them.

#1 When you decide to take a dump on a busy street in broad day light

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#2 To think that someone can get like this in public is crazy

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