10 Weird And Awkward Selfies Ever Seen Online

The sudden rise of cameras on phones has been pointed out by many as one of the aspect of technology that seems to have brought out the worst in humanity in the past decade simply because these days people have gotten addicted to documenting every moment and event in their life on social media, most especially with the self taken photos famously known as ‘Selfies’ taken in order to satisfy their ego and feed their desire for superiority.

In the world we now live in, there is nothing that can bring people together faster than the statement, ‘Let’s take a selfie’, simply because it does not matter if you’re the type that really, likes taking selfies, or the type that despise it, either the topic or the action of the selfie is enough reason to get a conversation going on. And a good thing about these selfies is that you don’t really need to depend on anyone’s camera skills or lack of it to get the perfect selfie that can be great sometimes and other times, get so awkward.

Today we will be taking a look at some of the awkward selfies that has been taking by people craving to fulfill that desire.

10 Weird And Awkward Selfies Ever Seen Online…

#1 When you just got a new phone and must take that selfie by all means

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#2 This is the ‘Pre-Robbery Selfie’

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