List OF Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Built

Just as the popular saying goes that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, truth is there are some things in life that are significantly ugly, that not even 50 shots of vodka can make beautiful.

Amazingly the search for the ugliest car of all time will make you realize that this little concepts holds true to even the world of cars that only the manufacturers can call pretty. Today we will be taking a look at some of these cars that only their designers can explain them and call them pretty cars.

List OF Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Built…

#1 Covini C6W

11 6

Though, the designers of this car with its 6-wheeled monstrosity meant for balance and suppose to give it better braking were simply trying to achieve functionality, the end result was not so suiting to the eye. 

#2 Marcos Mantis

2 39

Incase you don't know, Marcos was a British manufacturer that specializes in sports cars that were generally known to be ugly. Amazingly the Marcos Mantis that was released in 1968 and did not even last long before it was retired after making one last appearance in 2008 at the Festival of speed seems to have taken the cake home. 

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