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Celebrity: Ryan Seacrest1 9

Date of Birth
December 24, 1974 (43 years old)
Voice Actor, Actor, Screenwriter, TV host, Presenter, TV Personality, Film Producer, Radio personality, Writer
United States of America
5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)


Ryan Seacrest Net Worth: $380 million

Ryan Seacrest Salary: $65 Million

Popular American TV host, radio host and entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest well famous as the host of the popular singing competition ‘American Idol’ has a net worth of $380 million with an annual income of $65 million.

Ryan who is also Casey Kasem’s successor as the host of American Top 40, the legendary “countdown” radio program popularized by Kasem and continued by Seacrest today’s big break occurred in 1993, when he got the job of hosting Radical Outdoor Challenge on ESPN.

After a year later, he started hosting Gladiators 2000, that’s children’s spin-off of the popular athletic competition American Gladiators after which he was in the end he appeared as the host of NBC Saturday Night at the Movies, where he answered trivia questions and generally ‘hosted’ the popular theatrical films broadcast on the network. After two years, he later got the gig of a lifetime hosting American Idol with his now long-forgotten co host Brian Dunkleman. And since the big break hosting the competition, Seacrest has rose to become a very big international star and a force to reckon with in show biz, while acting as a TV pitchman and producer earning huge amounts of mobey, fame and success.

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Ryan Seacrest who makes $15 million per year as his salary for being the host of American Idol with the addition of his several other executive producing and hosting gigs in the end makes over $65 million annually. Ryan who has also produced reality TV shows including ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ and ‘Denise Richards: It’s Complicated’, in addition as hosted many top red carpet events for E! Television like the Oscar Awards and the Emmys.

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