The Hot 13 Tattoos On Different Parts Of Rihanna’s Sexy Body

Are you aware Robyn Rihanna Fenty, famously known as Rihanna has 13 distinct tattoos on various parts of her body? These tattoos includes all that you can imagine, from birth dates, Henna-style tribal designs, weapons and some of her most loved quotes.

Badgal Riri, who uses her tattoos as she does with her music to express herself, her feelings to show the world what is important to her heart’s tattoos are spread from as high as her ear to as low as her ankle and everywhere in between. Among the the notable tattoos on her body includes stars running down the back of her neck, the birthdate of her closest friend in Roman numerals on her shoulder and an intricate design on her right hand.

The Bajan beauty’s tattoos both depict her personality and help her to remember what’s important in life. One specifically that is dear to Rihanna is a retrogressive tattoo on her chest that can only be read when viewed from her perspective in a mirror. And according to her, the phrase, that is her motto in life, reminds her that experiences are “never a failure, but always a lesson.”

Let’s check out photos of the 13 tattoos with where they are located on different parts of the sexy singer’s body.

The Hot 13 Tattoos On Different Parts Of Rihanna’s Sexy Body…

#1 Trail of Stars Tattoo on Her Back

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#2 The Love Tattoo On Her Middle Finger

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