Top 10 Awkward Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions And Most Embarrassing Moments!

Wardrobe malfunction seems to happen almost everyday and it is pretty much inevitable when you spend your days hitting the red carpet in edgy designer clothes surrounded by flashbulbs,

No one is immune to it, especially when you are a lady, there is 90% chances that you would have experienced the occasional wardrobe malfunction before, but when you’re a celebrity, the frequent wardrobe malfunction that is inevitable is more annoying because what seems to be your most embarrassing moments are often captured for the whole world to see.

Every now and then, our beautiful stars and female celebrities often suffer this unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that exposes a little too much. From accidental nip-slips to zippers unzipping, breasts popping out out, and straps snap.

Lets take a look at some of the most embarrassing awkward celebrity wardrobe malfunction below…

#1 Sophie Marceau nips slip

1 109

When French actress Sophie Marceau had one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions ever on the 2005 Cannes red carpet that had her b00bs out on full display.

#2 Poor Halsey

2 65

When Singer Halsey's skirt's helm was unwittingly trapped under a guest shoes amFAR Gala earlier this month

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