Top 10 Craziest And Insane World Records!

Some people can’t do without trying new things, some love doing something different, some of them are so insane and superb that they end up earning a spot in the Guinness World Records that came into existence in 1955 through a book named The Guinness Book of Records that has been keeping the records of the most insane and amazing feats some people have invested their time into achieving.

Considering that as humans, we love to try new things, push our limits every now and then, even if it is totally insane or remarkable, The Guinness Book of Records was made to acknowledge the definitive authority on record-breaking achievement, since we even always get to see new records filled with the craziest things and activities being set every year by different people.

People who will go to any length performing very crazy stunts and insane hobbies to win a title in the Guinness World Records that holds the record of outstanding people who have spent a lot of time doing the most insane things many of us wouldn’t dare to do.

Here is the list of the top 10 craziest and insane world records…

#1 Meet Rolf Buchholz With The Most Piercing In The World (453 Piercings)

1 54

#2 Most Naked People On A Roller Coaster Record

2 45

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