Top 10 Hilarious Clothing Disasters, When What You Order Is Not What You Get!

We know how important clothes are and etshion, especially the trendy ones keep developing every day with different designers waking up with different creative, beautiful and also weird ideas. Some of these so called designers just put up some pictures online making you believe that what you see is what you get, thereby making online shopping a bad idea. Sometimes what you see might not be the exact thing you get.

Some of these designers are not even truthful enough to admit that they are not as good as they claim to be. You give them the designs you want and they feel that such design isn’t good enough for you thereby giving you a totally different one that can either make you look stupid in public or even crazy.

Today we have compiled a list of unsuccessful shapes, patterns and clothing ideas, some fashion designers came up with that turned out to be total disasters

Top 10 Hilarious Clothing Disasters, When What You Order Is Not What You Get…

#1 When you order a lovely wedding dress but get an old grandma’s dress

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#2 When you order for a jump suit and get a mech uniform

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