Top 10 Most Attractive Female Celebrities In US

As we all know US has always been described as the land of Hollywood, with the most beautiful and stunning female celebrities from Victoria’s Secret angels to Movie stars, Singers, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition supermodels and others.

Also since Los Angeles is practically the entertainment capital city in the world, it is simply natural that most of the prettiest ladies on the planet would run to this city with the hope of getting discovered.

Today we will be looking at some of the most beautiful, stunning female celebrities who have been shining bright like a Diamond in the entertainment industry with their talent, beauty and charm.

The Top 10 Most Attractive Female Celebrities In The US…

#1 Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes who is an American actress, model, singer, and fashion designer that is one of the most attractive female celebrities in the US that has got a very big hips she says is her nest feature.

#2 Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron from South- Africa is an Academy-Award-winning actress, whose Oscar-winning performance in in the movie "Monster" was called "one of the greatest performances in the history of cinema" by critic Roger Ebert. She is beautiful, stunning and dedicated to assisting people especial;y those from her home country.

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