Top 10 Most Hated Celebrity In The World

Pride they say goes before a fall, seems most of our celebrities often forgets this because some of them even forget they are still humans when fame consumes them and they start seeing themselves as a demigod or a god. With time it becomes pretty hard for some people to maintain their composure in public or handle fame that mostly lead them to the pits of arrogance and eventually start making them do things that are socially not acceptable.

Most hated celebrities most of the time did something or the other to suddenly earn their fans disapproval. While some of them are hated because they did or said some terrible things, others are hated because they are everywhere disrespecting their fans. To be candid we all know fame comes with a price and most of the time, it might not be that easy to even handle it. It is not always easy to be a famous person, truth be told it’s not easy to be in the public eye all the time, always being deprived of your privacy and having a little less of your own life remaining,

Most celebrities that have made it to today’s list, ending up being hated by people who are supposed to be there die-hard fans are the cause of the hatred that atimes come from how they act on set or on the stage and how they maltreat their fans. Though these harsh behavior does not really mean they are bad people since we all have freedom of speech to speak and act as we please, what it only does is that it makes them hated and disliked by the public. Lets take a look at some of the celebrities that have fallen into this pit of arrogance to become one of the celebrities that are mostly hated in the world.

These Are The Top 10 Most Hated Celebrity In The World…

#1 Kanye West

kanye west

American rapper, Kanye West who is his own biggest fan that once disclosed that his greatest pain is that he will never see himself perform live on stage is one of the most hated celeb in the world simply because he is to arrogant, has done and said some of the most annoying and offensive things on and off camera that even got President Obama calling him a Jackass

Kanye whose ego has no limits and known as the King of disputing awards, once stormed out an award ceremony when Gretchen won the award he believed he deserved, he is the same celeb that had a rude stage interruptions with Taylor Swift and Beck.

Kanye who called himself a god while also comparing himself to Picasso, Shakespeare and Walt Disney in an interview during one of his music concerts in 2014, asked a man on a wheelchair to stand up for him after which he literally refused to perform unless everyone in the hall stood up and chanted out his name. 

#2 Kim Kardashian

kim 1

Just like her husband, Kim Kardashian is one of the most disliked celebrity in the world. Despite the fact that she is extremely petite, some people refer to the reality TV star and businesswoman as 'fat f*ck'.

"I personally hate all the Kardashians and their brain dead fans. I especially hate their fake appearance, plastic surgery is disgusting. Also what i truly hate is when they wear clothes made from animal skin that cost thousands. Now i ain't no vegan but i mean i would never ever wear animal fur", someone wrote on a forum site about Kim and her family.

She is mostly picked on by people who have accused her of bringing her family to a kind of pervasive fame once reserved for royalty and people with, like real actual talents. Kim is always being criticized of being a talentless celebrity doing what people have no idea of by people who hate her guts for it.

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