Top 10 People Selfie Failed!

There is no doubt most of us love to take a good selfie, some people even seems to be obsessed that they can’t do without a selfie in a day. Not even with this social media age that we are in that some people can’t resist the urge to document their lives through their smartphones. But often times the selfie fails to capture only the moment you want and if it does it always have a way of failing you, hence the reason why you see some people making faces to make the selfies fun, some exaggerate the backgrounds or even fake their activity in order to get that perfect selfie for social media.

But in the end they end up being busted and exposed by either their mirrors they forgot was in the background, that tends to reveal the real situation when the selfie was taken. With this we have gathered a list of funny selfies taken by people who simply forgot to properly check behind them before taking that snap and uploading it on social media.

#1 When you try to tell friends your bf sneaked up on you in shower to take this shot

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#2 When you’re faking being stuck in traffic but your shade says you’re not

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