Top 15 Cases of Accidental Urban Camouflage And People Who Accidentally Blended With Their Environment!

Most of us must have found ourselves sometimes in that very awkward situation where we realize we’re accidentally dressed like someone, something or even matching our environment. Like dressing up looking all dapper and feeling yourself at an event just for you to suddenly look down to notice that the wall beside you matches your outfit or you are on a visit to your new girlfriends house for the first time, only to discover on getting there that your shirt matches the couch you’re sitting on.

If you have never experienced any of these before, then you really need to count yourself lucky because the cases of accidental urban camouflage now seems to be more rampant a lot than before. With many people now finding themselves suddenly blending and coordinating their outfits with the world around them even though they weren’t expecting this to happen while picking their clothes before heading out and later seeing themselves being invisible and hiding within their surrounding.

Here is a collection of images showing people that accidentally dressed to blend in to or match their environment that seemed to handle the embarrassment perfectly well by simply taking a picture and boldly posting it online for us to see and have a good.

#1 When you totally match with the wallpaper

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#2 That awkward moment your outfit totally blends with the carpeted stairs

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